The In-Hand company provides the consignment delivery service to the right place, on a given day and at a given time. The company has just started doing the business, so they needed the complete corporate identity. After analyzing the competitiveness on the market and gathering the information in the In- hand company, we created the complete company's graphic identity – company's logo, cards, letterhead and cars labelling. Everything was described in the corporate identity book. We designed and implemented many technological solutions, which are very useful for the customers. Every customer can send the consignment using the Internet service, can decide about the time when the consignment is supposed to be taken from the sender and delivered to the addressee. Additionally, the customer can follow its track in the real time.

I did it for: In-Hand What had to be done: Brand/Design Consulting, Logo Design/Development, Business Card Design, Design Direction, Interaction Design, Web Design/Development, Illustration, XHTML+CSS, Google API, GPS, Drupal I was listening to:

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Paprika Korps

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